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First Affirmative Financial Network will welcome Melvin E. Miller to its network of investment professionals on August 1, 2012. Miller will monitor economic conditions and market movements, serve as an adjunct member of the First Affirmative Investment Committee, and provide writing and speaking engagements on behalf of the company.

Heartland Financial USA, Inc. announced Miller's retirement from his position as executive vice president and chief investment officer in February, effective July 31st. Miller began working at Heartland Financial subsidiary, Dubuque Bank and Trust, in 1984. Prior to his work at Heartland, Miller was a professor and chairman of the accounting and business departments of Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.

While at Heartland, Miller advocated and led the creation of a sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investing policy within the company's wealth management group, making Dubuque Bank and Trust one of the first banks in the nation to develop and use such a policy. Additionally, Miller initiated improvements to Heartland's investment management systems. Miller has earned a national reputation as a skilled investment strategist with deep understanding of economics.

First Affirmative's Chief Executive Officer, George Gay, said of Miller: "Since his first of twenty-one annual Economic Forecasts at the 1991 SRI Conference [formerly SRI in the Rockies], Mel has earned the trust and confidence of SRI specialists nationwide. His characteristic blend of knowledge and humor has made him one of our most popular speakers. We look forward to his participation in investment management, his writing for both our advisors and clients, and his support in making all aspects of our business more successful."

Miller said of his new position: "I look forward to joining such a forward-looking quality organization as First Affirmative Financial Network while enjoying the flexibility of retirement. Over the years, I have been impressed by the manner in which they assist their clients who want to make a difference with their investment dollars."

After August 1st, Miller can be reached at

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