Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing

First Affirmative offers asset management and consulting services to individual and institutional investors seeking to align investment decision-making with personal values and/or institutional missions.

Call it socially responsible investing, sustainable investing, green investing, or impact investing, we specialize in helping clients make money and at the same time, make a difference with their money. Working through a nationwide network of investment professionals, we help clients invest in companies that contribute to a clean, healthy environment, treat people fairly, embrace equal opportunity, produce safe and useful products, and support efforts to promote a more peaceful world.

We believe that as investors we must take responsibility for the impact our money has in the world. We create and manage investment portfolios tailored to meet the unique needs of socially conscious investors. We seek competitive returns while enhancing the common good.

We begin with a cornerstone principle of the Hippocratic Oath: "First, do no harm." Avoiding companies that make products or support markets that are violent, dangerous, or unhealthy, seems to us to be an obvious choice.

We believe investments that improve the human condition around the world can create a virtuous cycle of inter-related benefits. We believe that by investing in the most responsible corporate citizens, we can deliver better investment performance for our clients and create a more vibrant, healthy world.

At First Affirmative, we work to make life better for everyone. We envision a future where every child is safe, healthy, and free.