Invest for a Sustainable Future

Introducing the Values-Aligned Direct Index Solution (VADIS), brought to you by First Affirmative, YourStake, and Orion Advisor Technology.

VADIS is designed to help maximize returns and multiplies your clients’ impact with authenticity, customization, and transparency — as well as automated tax loss harvesting, benchmark flexibility, and active advocacy and proxy voting programs. With VADIS, you can invest with confidence and a conscience.
Want to take advantage of all the benefits of Direct Index Solutions — like tax-loss harvesting and benchmark flexibility — in a true, data-driven values-aligned platform, and with active proxy voting and advocacy to make sure your clients’ voices are heard?

Why We Do What We Do

George Gay recently sat down with the Host of the Dollars and Change Podcast, Peter Krull to take listeners on a journey about Values-Aligned Investing for an impact. We do what we do to make life better for everyone.

Deeply Researched Values-Aligned Investment Choices Easily Sorted by What Matters to You

The Values-Aligned Direct Index Solution (VADIS) is powered by core YourStake technology, the most customized and transparent filters to meet your client’s impact and financial goals. Plus, truly active advocacy and proxy voting.
Deeply researched ESG Investment Choices Easily Sorted by What Matters to You
Investing with Confidence and a Conscience

Values-Aligned Investing with Confidence and a Conscience

First Affirmative knows you want competitive returns from a portfolio that represents your client’s worldview. Our rigorous screening brings you the best choices.

Impact the World.

We help you pick competitive, values-aligned investments, but we don’t stop there. First Affirmative votes your shares, if authorized, engages in corporate actions, and boosts your advocacy for a better planet.