Military & Weapons

A strong defense, or an offense to your values?

Investors can choose to exclude or include funds holding military, defense and weapony-related stocks, depending on their values.

Investing in major defense contractors is a delicate balance. Many American investors believe in a strong military and a right to bear arms. At the same time, economists worry about the influence of the military-industrial complex and technology outpacing human controls.

First Affirmative values-aligned investing research looks for companies that abide by international agreements and U.S. laws governing the sharing of dangerous technologies, and the banning of inhumane weaponry.

Artificial Intelligence concerns may apply first to military activities, with fears of autonomous weapons making war less “dirty,” or surveillance intruding on innocent lives.

First Affirmative hears from investors who don’t want to support gun manufacturers. Yet innovation happens in the control of weapons, too, and we delve into that research, too.