Fossil Fuels

Influencing the move away from the old world of fuels

First Affirmative’s analysis helps advisors identify those making sincere efforts and avoiding those only paying lip service to the defining issue of our time.

Companies that mine coal, burn coal or fail to clean up their historic exploitation of coal are destined to fade from leadership in the economy. Some utilities are moving far faster than others in switching from coal to cleaner natural gas, or to renewable power sources such as wind and solar.

The large multinational oil companies vary greatly in their acceptance of the fossil fuel fade. First Affirmative research helps sort those best positioned to avoid the most environmental damage, to avoid new drilling in sensitive areas, and to transition themselves to a sustainable future.

Being a conscientious investor on fossil fuels also means knowing who still finances the worst in fossil fuel practices – banks, pension funds, insurance companies with massive assets. The VADIS unique personalization process does the work for you.