Animal Rights

Extending your social values to the natural world

Public and regulatory pressure has made a huge impact in recent years on how publicly-traded companies approach animal rights. It’s no longer a fringe position, but a necessary calculation of human benefits balanced with ethical treatment of animals, in all situations.

First Affirmative investors may want to support improved animal rights policies and push for further change with their values-aligned investing. Our proprietary screens allow a client to exclude companies based on many factors, including their progress toward eliminating animal testing in consumer products like shampoo, makeup and more.

In seeking agriculture and food investments, we help advisors work with their clients to look for companies that avoid the worst of factory farming practices and cruel raising and slaughtering methods. With seafood stocks under stress around the world from climate change and overharvesting, we’re also on the lookout for companies committed to best practices in seafood management and ocean restoration.

First Affirmative has also been a leader in promoting meat alternatives and plant-based proteins.