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In a collaborative effort, First Affirmative and YourStake have developed our Values-Aligned Direct Index Solution. This cutting-edge portfolio management solution empowers RIAs to deliver low-cost, fully customized, tax efficient investment strategies to their clients.

In Latin, “vadis” means, “where are you going?” With VADIS, you and your clients are moving toward a future where their investments reflect the impact they want to see in the world, with transparency and customization. Help your clients achieve their financial and impact objectives on our multi-custodial platform with as little as $25,000 to invest.

Grow your Business with Values-Aligned Direct Indexing

Portfolio Optimization: First Affirmative utilizes trading and rebalancing tools powered by Orion, along with client’s customized screens to create tax-managed SMA portfolios, customized down to the individual company equities to include or exclude.

Personalized Client Values Alignment: Client onboarding tools are designed to identify a client’s “Behavioral Values” via a Myers-Briggs style behavioral questionnaire for impact investing. 

Add tax alpha to client portfolios: Clients can capitalize on tax loss harvesting opportunities and defer capital gains. 

Dynamic, Real-World Reporting: Impact Performance reports compare a VADIS portfolio incorporating your clients’ personal values to the benchmark and/or an existing portfolio, demonstrating the efficacy of our values alignment capabilities. Advisors and their clients may access an individualized YourStake impact performance report using their Orion portal, in addition to a traditional performance report.

Evidence-driven NoScore ESG Screens: Dynamic, personalization “NoScore ESG” screens for funds and individual stocks leverage transparent data from more than 100 independent sources that meet global regulatory standards.

Benchmark flexibility: Advisors can work with their clients to determine an appropriate and customized benchmark or risk profile for their portfolio.  

Direct Indexing Growth and FAQs

Assets are set to triple to $1,470 billion by 2027.
Direct Indexing Assets under management (AUM) are projected to triple to $1,470 billion by 2027 based off PwC forecast.
This growth is driven by the combination of technology advances and the rapid move toward personalization.
This growth is driven by the combination of technology advances and the rapid move toward personalization.

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Bill Hairgrove