First Affirmative and You – Partners in Performance and Impact

We Bring Decades of Experience Advising Foundations, Nonprofits and Family Offices on Best Practices in Values-Aligned Investing.

Foundations and Endowments are able to invest in a way that reflects their mission and values – you no longer have to settle for anything less.

Aligning your assets with your values does not sacrifice competitive returns. Our new Values-Aligned Direct Index Solution makes it easy to select deeply analyzed portfolios that reflect who you are. Our Institutional Consulting Services Group will help you tune your endowments and assets to harmonize with your mission.

Nonprofits must be more mindful than ever that any assets they have allocated towards values-aligned investing are used for the greatest good of the community, and in support of their mission. At First Affirmative, we employ an in-depth collaborative process to make sure we capture all your organizational priorities – financial, social, moral, ethical and religious – in building and managing your custom values-based portfolio. All while meeting the highest fiduciary standards so your members and your boards are assured we are looking out for you first.

With more than 30 years as the leader in Values-Aligned investing, First Affirmative partners with family offices to deliver the values-based investing insight and returns that demanding families require. We emphasize analysis and collaboration to help produce and deliver outcome-oriented investment solutions that meet your family office’s financial and impact objectives.