Kathleen J. Lewis

Chief Compliance Officer

With First Affirmative since: 1990

Passion. Passion for humans, animals, social justice and following the rules are at the center of First Affirmative Financial Network’s Chief Compliance Officer Kathy Lewis’ daily focus. Lewis has been a key element to the company’s success for more than 30 years. While her passion for causes runs deep, so does her passion for strong ethical business practices, process and procedure. These two core values have come together front and center. Civil rights, gender equality and non-discrimination are at top of mind for Lewis when contemplating the various issues at the forefront of society. Whether it be animal rights or cruelty-free advocacy, how you proceed and take action is important. This perspective lends perfectly to Lewis’ frame of reference in assessing compliance concerns. She has compiled a broad spectrum of knowledge of the regulations that guide firms in the financial services industry.

Lewis is a trusted resource for ensuring First Affirmative helps clients align their investments with their values while abiding by all the necessary regulations.