With environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing growing faster than any other investment discipline, these principles have a clear and significant role to play in any advisory practice.

First Affirmative is uniquely qualified to help you maximize your opportunity in ESG. Become a part of our elite community and benefit from our experience, our resources, and our authentic commitment to this investment approach:

Investment expertise

Leverage the insights from our fundamental ESG research, combined with the objectivity of quantitative portfolio construction techniques to create portfolios with the sector, geographic, and market composition that will help your clients achieve their financial and impact goals.

Deep connections

The relationships we’ve built over 31 years matter – relationships we leverage to provide you and your clients with the most advanced products, services, networking opportunities, and access to fully-vetted high-net-worth separate account managers.

Marketing support

We provide you with tips and tools to help you grow your practice, as well as discounted or complimentary professional memberships and subscriptions.

Proxy voting capabilities

We handle proxy voting electronically on behalf of shareowners in accordance with our comprehensive Proxy Voting Guidelines.

Today we oversee more than $1 billion in assets under management and advisement, working with more than 400 advisors, both directly and through third-party partnerships (as of 12/31/19).