First Affirmative’s Institutional Consulting Services Group helps foundations and endowments align their investments with their values and mission.

About Our Engagement Process

Each organization we work with is unique, with diverse financial, social, moral, ethical, and religious factors to consider in their investment decisions. We employ an in-depth collaborative process to make sure we capture all your organizational priorities when building your investment plan.

Fact Finding and Documentation

  • Establish understanding of organizational values
  • Determine asset classes, geographical sectors, sectors, and individual companies to be included/excluded
  • Discuss investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements
  • Formalize an investment policy statement (IPS)

Portfolio Construction and Implementation

  • Identify investment vehicles most appropriate for the organization
  • Perform qualitative social screening (assessing both exclusions and inclusions)
  • Submit recommendations for approval
  • Construct and implement portfolio

Ongoing Management and Monitoring

  • Monitor portfolio performance including performance attribution
  • Update, rebalance portfolio as required
  • Identify new investment vehicles as needed
  • Compile and deliver periodic investment reviews

We also vote our client’s proxies according to carefully constructed voting guidelines. These guidelines emphasize a progressive approach to environmental, social, and governance matters, informed by the larger responsible investment community, and the preservation of long-term shareowner value through strong corporate governance.

We treat every client engagement as a fiduciary relationship and consciously seek to make recommendations that meet the highest fiduciary standards.

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