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ESG Investing: Building A Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investment Practice with Theresa Gusman

Written by First Affirmative

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The Weighing Machine with Rusty Vannemann, CFA CMT

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing has grown in popularity as people become more aware of sustainable and responsible investing. Investors are increasingly interested in companies that are offering values-aligned investing and want to incorporate socially responsible investing into their portfolios.

In this episode, Rusty and Robyn talk with Theresa Gusman, Chief Investment Officer and Chair of the Investment Committee at First Affirmative Financial Network. As Chair of the Investment Committee, she coordinates implementation of the investment philosophy and strategy with other stakeholders by designing and executing investment protocols, policies, reviews and reporting. As a CIO, Theresa is committed to incorporating ESG issues into investment decisions.

Theresa talks with Rusty and Robyn about how a portfolio can make positive change in the world, what ESG investing is, and how this type of investment strategy can be incorporated into portfolios.