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Wasmer Schroeder Quarterly Bond Market Overview 1Q 2024

The Pause That Refreshes By Tom Richmond, Co-Head of Taxable SMA Strategies, Senior Portfolio Manager The first quarter of 2024 was relatively quiet and relatively good from a domestic, macroeconomic standpoint. Economic activity as measured by real GDP growth was estimated to be a shade over +2%; while not as strong as the pace seen […]

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Market Commentary – Q4 2023

Quo VADIS – Where are you going? By Theresa Gusman Overview The S&P 500 advanced 11.7% in the fourth quarter, cementing a 24.3% rise in 2023. Through most of last year, the S&P 500’s narrow leadership camouflaged the paltry returns of the broader index and punished investors underweight the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-fueled stocks known as […]

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