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Wasmer Schroeder Quarterly Bond Market Overview Q1

Written by First Affirmative

Bond Overview

Fortunately, We’ve Still Got Seven and a Half More Years…

By: Thomas N. Richmond Jr., Co-Head of Wasmer Shroeder Taxable Bond Strategies

As human beings we like to categorize things neatly, and we certainly like to sum up specific periods of time, like decades, in a word or two for ease of memory and historical relevance. Think the Roaring ‘20s, or the Excessive ‘80s. When it comes to establishing its legacy, however, the 2020s – let’s face it – are off to a miserable start. Sure, January and February of 2020 weren’t bad, until a few headlines about a heretofore unknown virus caught everyone’s attention as March rolled around. We all know what followed; two years of various levels of pandemic and lockdowns left an indelible mark on society, mental well-being, and the global economy. As if that wasn’t enough, just as COVID slowly made a shift from pandemic to endemic, the world got its first taste of war in Europe in over 75 years – adding to already elevated levels of human suffering and mental anguish.

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