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Advocacy & Impact – November 2022

Written by First Affirmative

Shareholder Advocacy

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Preparing for the Next Advocacy Chapter: An Update from the ESG for Impact! Conference

First Affirmative Financial Network hosted the 2022 ESG for Impact! Conference, an advisor focused summit that attracts advisors and managers from across the country and Canada. Our audience has a common goal: to serve clients who want to use Environmental, Social & Governance factors to construct quality investment portfolios while also supporting a sustainable and just society. The conference is a golden opportunity to share our collective experience and expertise to further the goals of our community and to plan for the future. 

This year we had much to celebrate, as several of our advocacy partners celebrated their 50th anniversary of shareholder advocacy — giving our community the opportunity to take stock of our progress and look forward to the challenges ahead.  Advocacy was touched on in almost every session regardless of topic-including risk management, practice management, public policy, and client service. 

Advocacy and Impact usually focuses on our company engagements. This quarter, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we collaborate with industry partners to maximize our impact with insights from the conference’s advocacy focused sessions.  First Affirmative participated on three of five panels along with other experts from the advisor, manager, and NGO community.