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Leadership & Community Investments as Crucial ESG Components — Part 2

Listen to the Deep Impact Investing Podcast here In October 2021, Kimberly Griego-Kiel took part in the ESG For Impact! Conference in Colorado Springs. Now back with part two of her ESG for Impact! miniseries, Kim welcomes George Gay, the CEO of First Affirmative Financial Network, and Ebony Perkins, Self-Help Credit Union’s Vice President and […]

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Video: Elevate Your Practice – Customized ESG Portfolios and Impact Reporting

First Affirmative Financial Network has partnered with YourStake.org to create a strong force in the ESG/SRI arena with portfolio construction and reporting platforms that can elevate the conversation and assist in creating investments for a better future. On April 20th, Theresa Gusman (Chief Investment Officer at First Affirmative), Patrick Reed (CEO at YourStake) and Gabe […]

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