Community Investing

Many socially conscious investors choose to direct a portion of their assets to community investment organizations. These organizations offer basic financial services and work to create jobs, provide affordable housing, and finance small business development in low-income and other underserved communities both in the U.S. and abroad. Many of these organizations also offer education and technical support to help their borrowers succeed.

Types of community investment entities include CDFIs (community development finance institutions), microfinance, or microcredit organizations.

CDFIs operate primarily in the United States and may be involved in job creation, sustainable infrastructure development, transportation access, and affordable housing, among other initiatives.

Microfinance and microcredit organizations frequently operate in developing countries, lending small, amounts of money to individuals and families. In many of these countries, a loan as small as $25 may be enough to start a business and improve a family’s standard of living.

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