Shareholder advocacy is a critical means of influencing corporate behavior on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. We help amplify the voice of shareowners by engaging in variety of advocacy efforts.

Proxy voting

We handle proxy voting electronically on behalf of shareowners in accordance with our comprehensive Proxy Voting Guidelines.

Corporate engagement

We directly engage with companies at the executive level to address ESG concerns. These can include equal opportunity employment, sustainable procurement and sourcing, climate impacts, the rights of indigenous peoples in the areas they operate, among many others.

Shareholder resolutions

When informal engagement with a company is unsuccessful, we may file, or co-file with others, a formal resolution. Often the filing of a shareholder resolution by itself will cause a company to further engage with the filer(s), and the resolution may be withdrawn. Other times, the resolution will escalate and must be voted on by all shareholders at the company’s annual shareowner’s meeting.

Public policy

We often work as part of larger investor coalitions representing billions of investment dollars. Presently we participate in initiatives such as the The CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), and we also collaborate with CERES and the Investor Environmental Health Network.

For more information on shareowner advocacy and our advocacy initiatives, we have several resources: