Lincoln Pain, CFP, AIF

Certified Financial Planner™, Accredited Investment Fiduciary™

Professional Focus and Services

I serve people who wish to use their investments to help change the world.

I have been specializing in socially responsible investing (SRI) for families and individuals and mission-based investing for organizations for over twenty-two years.

I provide three basic services:

  • Financial planning for families and individuals (fee-based)
  • Advice to fiduciaries of non-profits, labor unions, trusts and progressive businesses
  • Portfolio Management (SRI)

Financial Planning

I begin all financial planning with a process of deep goal assessment. All planning is guided by a combination of goals and financial needs.

Advice to Fiduciaries

  • The needs and risks of the organization
  • Account for costs
  • Appropriate account structure
  • Integration of SRI
  • SRI 401(k) setup when appropriate

Portfolio Management

The two guiding elements of portfolio management are time horizon and appropriate allocation. I help investors set goals and then plan and allocate toward reaching those goals, not "shoot the moon."

In conjunction with First Affirmative Financial Network, I help investors choose a team of portfolio managers, provide on-going monitoring due-diligence and performance reporting on those managers, provide a quarterly analysis of results and, occasionally, fire and replace management firms that have developed problems.

I no longer manage investment portfolios myself. I have found that many investors need a professional on their side of the table, monitoring and evaluating their management team.

There are three aspects of SRI: positive and negative portfolio screening, shareholder activism and community investing.

First Affirmative Financial Network, many of our portfolio managers, and I are all very involved in shareholder activism, which may be the most effective of the three aspects of SRI.


Financial Planning: I offer a complimentary one-hour meeting for prospective clients, during which we determine whether we will work together. I charge an hourly fee for financial planning.

Fiduciary Advising: Fiduciary advising fees are negotiated.

Portfolio Management: I provide a complimentary one-hour meeting to prospective clients, during which I take their information. Within a few days, we provide a proposal at no charge. Fees vary with size of portfolio and degree of service desired. Minimum account size for portfolio management: There are financial planners available in our office to work with people whose accounts are of any size. Lincoln has a minimum account size of $1 Million.

You can learn more by visiting my website:

Education and Experience

I obtained my BA in 1976 from San Francisco State University. I am a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary™ designee, and am licensed to supervise other investment professionals. Before becoming a financial planner I was the West Coast Correspondent for the national business-oriented news program, Nightly Business Report.

My fiduciary advice/investment consulting clients have included

  • National Activist Non-Profits,
  • National Human Rights Organization (with First Affirmative),
  • Education Charity, and
  • Various Union Locals.

A lifelong activist for human and environmental rights, I spent time in jail in Mississippi for participating in civil rights work in 1965 and participated in the "International Peace Walk" across the Ukraine in 1990.

Community Involvement

I have been on the Board of Directors of the national trade association for SRI professionals, the US SIF, and am presently the Chair of the northern California chapter, BASIF. I am a cofounder of the national organization, the Shareholder Action Network (SAN) and was a member of the Jewish Federation of the Greater East Bay committee on Community Development Investing.

Personal Notes

I'm a good listener and a creative planner. I presently serve many special-issue clients such as same-sex and other unmarried families and gay individuals.


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